Young Creators

Looking for new faces for Belarusian mediasphere

Democratic Media Institute (DMI) is launching a support program for young Belarusian creators to help them produce high-quality and in-demand media products capable of capturing the attention of the young Belarusian audience.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will not only gain the knowledge necessary for creating media products but, under the guidance of mentors, will also be able to develop and launch their own media projects. Additionally, they will receive financial support for their creation and development.

What is the objective of this program?

The objective of the program is to help young Belarusian creators develop and launch their own media projects on TikTok, YouTube, or other video platforms. The projects can cover various themes, including entertainment, educational content, while remaining in the framework of socially significant topics for Belarus.

The main goals of the program are:

How to participate in the program?

To participate in the program, please fill out the application below. In the response email, we will send further instructions.

We will ask all applicants to record and submit a short motivational video, enabling us to assess your potential.

Who conducts the selection process for participation?

Decisions regarding the selection of participants are made by the organizational committee, which includes:

Competent jury will review applications and select program participants.

At the end of the process, 6 applications will be chosen, and the creators behind them will become program participants, receiving mentorship and financial support. Each participant will receive support in the amount of €2500.

Experts Team

Who is eligible for the program?

Young Belarusians aged 18 to 26, regardless of their current citizenship, can participate in the program. Prior experience in creating video content is not mandatory. The main condition is that the content should be relevant to the young Belarusian audience both within the country and beyond.

How and until what deadline can applications be submitted?

All applications must be submitted by April 7, 2024 and can be completed in Belarusian, Russian or English.

Each participant may submit only one project to be considered during the selection stage.

How will the program proceed?

The program will consist of several stages:

How to ask questions to the organizers or seek clarification if something is unclear?

Please write to this email, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the lab.

Who is the organizer of this competition?

The competition is organized by the Democratic Media Institute, a Lithuanian NGO that supports the development of independent media.